Individual and Couples Counseling for Greater Happiness

Most of us carry wounds from our humanly imperfect childhoods, that show up in various uncomfortable ways as we live our lives.  If you are feeling depressed, anxious, not satisfied with the ways you are relating to other people, we can look at the source of this, validate it, and see if we can find ways for you to move on to greater happiness.

If you are in a relationship that’s stuck in blaming, competing, old patterns of arguing that don’t seem to get anywhere, communication skills training might be immensely helpful. – and looking at the life experiences of each of you can build your compassionate understanding of each other (things usually still have to change, though!)  We will see what change is needed for greater happiness, and, if possible, how to bring it about.

Why Being a Psychotherapist is the Most Important Thing I Do With my Life

My first contact with psychotherapy came as my own personal therapy in my late teens.  The process was immensely healing and clarifying and seemed to open the way for my authentic self to emerge and bring me freedom.  I decided then that being a psychotherapist was the most important thing I could do with my life – I still feel that way.

My primary task as a psychotherapist is to do my best to truly provide emotional safety for the people who come to me.  There seems to be an innate movement toward healing that starts operating when we  feel emotionally safe and respected in a deep way.

My Approach

Modern neuroscience is telling us that real change is constantly possible for our brain structures – healing really can happen! I think of therapy as an intuitive art form with scientific underpinnings.  I use psychodynamic, experiential, somatic and spiritual themes in my work.